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Little Ninja Gift Pack➻Little Ninja Strategy Cheats

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Little Ninja Gift Pack, which will also explain the Little Ninja Raiders cheats. Forgot to follow this site, start now! List of contents in this article: 1. Attack on Little Ninja Gift Pack to claim 2. What’s in the Little Ninja Hokage Gift Pack? 3. The Little Ninja Gift Pack of 360 cannot be opened, the display card number is wrong, and you can’t use it if you get three of them. What’s the situation? ...4. Anyone who plays Little Ninja knows that Little Ninja is getting more and more expensive, and 1,000 yuan is only enough to buy two 350 gift packs...5. What is the NULL in the Baidu Little Ninja weekend gift pack? I went to collect it, but he always said that my backpack was full, but I... 6. How to get the Little Ninja Anniversary Gift Pack? Did that get the reward? Click to pop up a small box and click to receive the reward to get the experience when you hang up. After that, just continue to hang up. 2. The method of synthesizing orange equipment: First, prepare 3 blue equipment with 1 attribute (22 quality). It doesn’t matter what parts are blue equipment with 1 attribute. It is said that the store refreshes every 30 minutes, and it can be used randomly in the ninja shop. 200-300 to buy. 3. Prepare two different browsers for dual-playing games (Little Ninja gift pack, I have a window of the world and a Firefox browser), and register a small account (this is a must). 4. Little Ninja 2 Soul Crystal acquisition strategy A. Soul World: You can choose a soul crystal foundry to click on the interface, use free times or use tokens, there will be a probability to open a more advanced crystal foundry, foundry The higher the level, the greater the chance of obtaining advanced soul crystals. 5. Naruto Selected Gift Package [Reminder] A small registration is required to receive the gift package on the website. If you follow WeChat, you can receive it directly without registration, and you can also receive the latest information and recommendations for the latest gift package every day. What's in the Little Ninja Hokage gift pack? The gift pack includes: gold coins, props, equipment, gift pack codes, and VIP members. Gold coins: Gold coins are the most basic currency in the game, which can be used to buy various props and equipment. The number of gold coins in the game spree is usually relatively large, which allows players to accumulate wealth faster. Naruto mobile game summer battle gift pack content list Through the event, players can get coins, ninja jade, reputation, hook jade, gold coins, reincarnation stones, experience cards, secret scroll fragments and other rewards. Currently, in Little Ninja, weapons have a maximum of 3 holes, and armors have a maximum of 1 hole. After forging the peerless best equipment and obtaining a piece of equipment, it can be forged through the blacksmith house in the main city. Forgings have three functions: refining, punching, and removing. Refining: The additional attributes of the equipment can be randomly replaced. 360's Little Ninja Gift Pack can't be opened, the display card number is wrong, and it can't be used after receiving three, what's the situation... There is a problem with the Little Ninja Gift Pack in the system, you can go to the settings of the app treasure to find feedback Submit your own feedback. Little Ninja gift pack, dear friend, I personally suggest reinstalling it, and then try to receive it. Anyone who plays Little Ninja knows that Little Ninja is getting more and more money-hungry, and 1,000 yuan is only enough to buy two 350 gift bags... 1. To earn more money. . And now 2 is about to release a little ninja gift pack, and there will definitely be a new jacket, but after reading the introduction, 2 is quite disappointing, and the content of the screen is completely plagiarized. . It looks like you are an older player too. . I really miss the little ninja from the past. . 2. Question 10: What a great game Little Ninja is, why is it out of service? Although I haven't played it, the reason why the game is out of service is generally because it doesn't make money. After all, everyone is on the giants of TX SD. 3. Enter your large account and small account at the same time, and the small account will start to upgrade according to the tasks of the game. Generally, you can upgrade to level 15. The gift pack equipment received at level 10 can be sold in addition to weapons and other small ninja gift packs. If you drop it, just get the online gift package to the third from the bottom (it seems to be 30 minutes), so you can almost have 200+ gift certificates. What is the NULL in the Baidu Little Ninja weekend gift bag? I went to get it, and he always said that my backpack was full, but I... 1. In the jumping market, I changed the 99 items into clothing materials and you can You can make 3 pieces in a day when you make money by making blue sailor suits. . 2. My warehouse is "My Backpack" to enter the main interface, and click on your avatar in the upper left corner. Pull down "My Backpack". View the appointment package in the package. 3. Basic skills: No equipment is required, and they can take effect in battle after learning. Combat skills: Skills need to be equipped after learning. Only the skills equipped can take effect in battle. In combat skills, according to the probability of triggering in battle, it can be divided into types such as appearance trigger, chance trigger, and trigger after being attacked. 4. A box will appear at the beginning, and there is a novice reward box in the upper right corner of the box, click on it, and get the above rewards for free. 5. The second generation is the illusion style. It is recommended that you use blue consumption flow, gossip, Naraku, chakra scalpel, static enchantment, ghoul ban, and sandstorm. Because you only have so many skills, so only this match. 6. Skills can be matched at will, mainly due to equipment issues. Speed and attack are the first choice. Then speed is very important. real. Sometimes someone hits you twice in a row, which is the reason for the speed. If you are beaten by the opponent, you will be hit by him many, many times in a row. How to get the Little Ninja Anniversary Gift Pack 1. My friends who have Kisuke Urahara's jacket say they got it by recharging. . Just the recharge event little ninja gift pack next to the Tsunade icon, there is another one that was drawn in the Tsunade Tavern (occasionally. Others, but generally RMB players. 3. I want to become the strongest ninja! Work hard to accept the task! Little Ninja has prepared a rich basic task for everyone. In addition to the little ninja gift pack, there are teaching In addition to missions, mainline missions and daily activities, there are also experienced bounty missions. Bounty missions are divided into A, B, C, D and S-level elite missions. 4. For food, you can do a small amount of field exploration every day, and reward missions You can do a lot of hunting for residents, and you can do a lot of pet tracking. There are some junk food, and if you have less satiety, you can use equipment to synthesize it and get other + much more food. 4.5. Genre: Speed Flash /Quick flash, the fourth attribute is to hit the coat to see the conversion value. I think you should know that when the real ferret coat first came out, the same batch of coat pots were: the real coat wishing pot, the swastika unraveling coat pot, and the anniversary coat pot. Small This is the end of the introduction of the Little Ninja Gift Pack. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the Little Ninja Raiders Cheats and Little Ninja Gift Pack, don’t forget to search on this site.

Little Ninja Gift Pack➻Little Ninja Strategy Cheats


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